The farmers were really nice to us. One farmer named Neil pulled over to ask what we were doing, and when we told him we were walking, he invited us for a cool drink the next day as we passed his farm. So that day we were taken in for a time in the afternoon, fed, and given a drink by his wife and son, who were quite nice. They also told stories of travelers who had passed through. One guy they had met rode his bike for 6 years all through the world. He was only scared twice in Africa, one when an elephant chased him, and once when people were throwing rocks at him.

The next day, we made ourselves even more of a charity case by running out of DIESEL! Marty was pulled over, kind of to the side of the road. As we approached him, Aaron through he looked slightly out of place, and made a joke about him running out of gas. Not so funny when we got to Marty and find out its actually what has happened.

Long story short, Marty and I walk to the nearest farm while Aaron stays with the car…luckily the nearest farm wasn’t so far, and the farmer was VERY helpful. Could have been a lot worse.
Thanks farmers!